In the sunny town of Oxnard, California, a sensation named Seven, a tail-wagging Australian Shepherd born and raised in California, is running for President of the United States. Intrigued by this four-legged candidate’s unique approach to politics? You’re not alone. Seven, a proud representative of the “Puppy Party,” is on a mission to bring his Herding Dog temperament and Therapy Dog love to “Bringing America Together Again.” His campaign embodies unity, love, and, of course, a lot of treats. In a viral press conference, Seven barked out his intentions with enthusiasm.

This remarkable canine recognizes that his presidential candidacy is extraordinary. With limited political experience, he candidly observes the current divisive state of American politics. “I’m running for president because I believe a dog with a face like mine can bring humans together,” he expressed with a twinkle in his eye. As the nation grapples with increasing polarization, Seven aims to bring the art of unconditional love and respect to the masses.

Seven’s credentials are not to be underestimated. A former show dog and a current member of Therapy Dogs International, he showers kids with his unique brand of puppy love. In his commitment to bridging the political divide, Seven offers his therapy dog services to all, whether they are Democrats, Republicans, or Independents.

Dogs are renowned for their unconditional love and loyalty. They live in the moment, exemplifying dignity, honor, and respect. Seven’s top priority is “No More Dog Fights in Washington DC.” Until his presidential victory, he is willing to lend a paw in the important negotiations between politicians.

Seven’s vision is to create a world where all dogs live inside with their humans. He even humorously suggests “building a wall” to keep fleas out, with cats shouldering the cost. He’s all about promoting unity and creating a pet-friendly society. Seven plans to introduce legislation that calls for more playtime and allows dog parents paid time off when they bring a new dog home to love.

In 2024, Seven aspires to end animal homelessness and human poverty. His platform is straightforward yet profound – “A home for every dog and a bone for every dog.” Under his leadership, dogs will live indoors, ensuring warmth and companionship. Seven stands firmly for “Dogs, not Guns” and promises to transform all parks into dog parks.

To fund his campaign and rescue initiatives, Seven has launched a line of t-shirts and political paraphernalia. A portion of the proceeds will support efforts to help rescue dogs find their forever homes. To show your support for this unique candidate and his mission,

Are you excited about Seven’s bid for the presidency? You can now show your support for the furry candidate and his mission by purchasing exclusive Seven for President merchandise. Not only will you proudly wear your support for Seven’s campaign, but a portion of the proceeds from each sale goes toward aiding rescue dogs in finding their forever homes. It’s a win-win for both you and America’s furry friends.

Here’s a glimpse of the merchandise available:

Seven for President Human T-shirts
These eye-catching shirts feature Seven’s endearing face and campaign logo. Wear your support proudly wherever you go.

Dog Bandanas
Make your canine companion part of the campaign with stylish Seven for President bandanas. Let your dog proudly show their support!

Dog Tees
Dress your pup in Seven’s campaign spirit with adorable dog tees. Your furry friend can join the movement too.

Campaign Buttons
Pin these cute buttons to your jacket, bag, or hat, demonstrating your endorsement for Seven’s bid for the presidency.

Decorate your laptop, water bottle, or any surface you desire with Seven’s campaign stickers, spreading the word wherever you go.

Start your day with your favorite hot beverage in a Seven for President mug, complete with his adorable face.

Join the movement by heading over to Seven for President and help make 2024 the year of unity, love, and treats for all. Together, we can bring his vision of a pet-friendly society to life. Woof!