In Seven’s quest for the presidency, the campaign trail has been an adventure like no other, taking him and his pack to various corners of the country. While his campaign will traverse the nation, his first stop was a tail-wagging weekend in Summerland, CA, a sun-soaked haven where both two-legged and four-legged supporters basked in the joy of camaraderie.

Dog Friendly Accommodations
When traveling with a candidate like Seven, it’s important to stay at a comfortable retreat, not only for the team but also for the furry candidate. We chose the Blue Sands Inn A Kirkwood Collection Hotel, an ideal haven for campaign enthusiasts and their pets. This charming inn welcomes two dogs of any size in specially designated rooms, ensuring that your pets enjoy all the creature comforts they deserve. For a small additional fee of $30 per pet, per night, your pups are in for a treat.

In keeping with the property’s pet policy, dogs should not be left unattended in guest rooms, ensuring their safety and the peace of mind of all guests. Moreover, the nearby park, conveniently located next to the property, provides the perfect setting for morning and evening walks, offering a fantastic opportunity for the community to come together.

About Dog Friendly Summerland

Summerland, founded way back in 1889, is as close to doggy heaven as it gets. Nestled in the gentle embrace of the Santa Ynez mountains, this place is a mere paw’s trot from the Pacific Ocean. It has attracted everyone, from Hollywood A-listers to our local Santa Barbara celebs and even folks from Los Angeles County, making it a truly special stop on Seven’s campaign trail.

Summerland’s vibe is as relaxed as a snooze under a eucalyptus tree, making it the ideal destination for supporters and their furry friends alike.

Seven’s Campaign Itinerary in Summerland

Breakfast at the Summerland Beach Café
First stop, a hearty breakfast on the dog-friendly patio of the Summerland Beach Café. With a Victorian house dating back to 1893 as your backdrop, we were in for some pawsitively delicious home-style cooking. You can’t miss this place – it’s just a bark away from the beach.

Barking Beach Bliss at Lookout Park

Next, we headed to Summerland Beach at Lookout Park, where the waves meet wagging tails. The views here are as breathtaking as a game of fetch, and you and your furry mate can frolic off-leash in the surf. We took a short walk to Loon Point for tidepools and some pawsome waves. And when it was time to leave, I cleaned up at a dog wash station, scrubbing off the sand and saltwater before my next campaign stop.

Explore Lillie Avenue
Later in the afternoon, we took a stroll down Lillie Avenue and explored some dog friendly, unique shops, including Garde  for interior decor, Botanik for garden and home goodies, and Mary Suding Antiques & Design where you’ll find pawsome antiques. My favorite place by far was The Sacred Space, a zen spot with Asian artifacts and a hint of meditation.

Dinner at The Nugget Bar and Grill
For dinnertime, we headed to The Nugget Bar and Grill and soaked in the scenery from their dog-friendly patio. This casual spot exudes old-school charm, with rustic facades and creaky wooden floors. Their menu is packed with scrumptious dishes like spicy chili, juicy burgers, and honey-dipped fried chicken for humans. Locals can’t stop raving about the grilled wild salmon, char-grilled lamb chops, and the French dip with a side of chunky salsa. I must confess, I did get some table scraps for being such a good boy!

Summerland Winery
Concluding our doggy-friendly day, we headed to the Summerland Winery right next door. Here, furry friends can join their humans right in the tasting room! I cuddled up on the cool floor and watched my human sip on award-winning wines, from Sauvignon blanc to Chardonnays, all crafted right there on the Central California Coast. It’s the perfect way to cap off a paw-some campaign stop, don’t you agree?

Join the Pawsitive Movement: Get Your Seven for President Swag!

As Seven’s campaign trail continues, we look forward to connecting with even more communities, sharing experiences, and spreading the message of unity and change. Until next time, please visit the official Seven for President campaign store to get your paws on some fantastic gear. Together, we hope to make a positive impact and create a brighter future for all—on 2 legs and 4. 🇺🇸🐾Woof!