When it comes to all things related to our furry companions, Cesar Millan is the top dog. The world-renowned dog behaviorist, also known as the Dog Whisperer is Seven’s go-to source for invaluable insights on dog care. From addressing common mistakes made by dog owners to offering guidance on introducing your four-legged friend to a new baby, Cesar Millan has been a steadfast source of wisdom. And now, just in time for the holiday season, he’s back with his highly anticipated gift guide for dogs.

The Halo Collar – Your Dog’s Invisible Fence (Starting at $699):

At the top of Cesar Millan’s gift guide is the innovative Halo Collar, a game-changer for dog owners. This collar allows you to establish boundaries for your dog in a way they can easily comprehend. Unlike traditional electric shock collars, the Halo Collar employs a humane and effective approach with three levels of prevention feedback: warning, boundary, and emergency. These feedback levels consist of beeps, vibrations, and gentle static, ensuring your dog remains within the desired boundaries without causing any pain. But that’s not all; the Halo Collar features real-time GPS tracking technology, enabling you to locate your furry friend quickly if they happen to wander off. Additionally, it boasts an advanced LED lighting system for enhanced visibility during late-night walks. For $699, this is more than just a training tool; it’s peace of mind for both you and your pet.

The Best Dog Accessories

Cesar Millan believes that your dog deserves only the best, and his holiday gift guide reflects that sentiment. Here are some must-have pet accessories he recommends:

The Best Dog Treats and Toys

The holiday season wouldn’t be complete without delicious treats and exciting toys for your canine friend. Cesar Millan recommends the following treats and toys:

As for my personal recommendation, why not get a little something special to your guardian this year? My Mom has a passion for collecting Christmas ornaments with dog themes and I’m sure your parent will too. Joy to the World comes to the rescue, boasting the world’s most extensive collection of pet ornaments, with more than 750 distinct designs! Crafted by hand in Poland and showcasing a wide variety of breeds, these ornaments make a distinctive and cherished gift for dog enthusiasts.